Smart City CyberInfrastructure Monitor & Control

The EKRON Smart City system of systems platform is a revolutionized solution that helps cities with the digital transformation journey


An open platform for smart solutions

The meaning of EKRON in ancient Greek is the highest point, the peak. Indeed, the EkronWIDE platform, from a system architecture point of view, is positioned above and connects to all other systems and provides real-time cyber protection and monitoring of the IT network, edge devices, and the entire organization's digital verticals.

Real-time information is displayed on clear monitoring dashboards, configurable to the organization's focus.


The platform provides simple tools for managing information about the system's components and makes it accessible to all the organization's management levels.

The EkronWIDE system provides a straightforward, unified, and easy-to-operate interface that offers a broad picture of the organization's health, what is and what's not working, and of course, the cyber threat level of the entire domain. Ekron, is one of the first products to combine a robust asset management system, cyber engine, and smart rules engine in one unified and interoperative cross-domain platform. The rules engine enables the automatic transferring of information from one vertical to another.

What is EkromWIDE for cities?

EkronWIDE is a Smart City system of systems open platform for managing all the digital verticals (IT, IoT, OT, and every vertical with an API) of the city. As EkronWIDE connects to everything in the city, it collects and processes information from different point solutions. Ekron draws a new layer of relevant information for stakeholders, using an AI engine.
Simple use case: Ekron knows when the best time for the sprinklers is to spray a public lawn, based on the information it collects from the WIFI or CCTV installations. There are no privacy issues. The EkronWIDE platform contains a cyber mitigation engine that secures the city's infrastructures against cyber threats. Another pillar of EkronWIDE, is a profound IT monitoring build-in solution. The monitoring, cyber, and AI engines produce a single-window view of the city's digital health.
Ekron's adaptive UI is smart and straightforward to use. The UI is customized upon the interest of the user and its role at the organization. Ekron deploys in the cloud or on-premises in disruptive pricing. Ekron freemium model enables IoT makers to use the platform for free in limited metrics.



The EKRON overview screen is a single-pane view of all city systems. As every digital system connects to EKRON, you can comprehend the city's digital health with just a glance. (Night mode)


Every digital vertical with an API or native driver can plug in the EKRON platform. EKRON is a system of systems or manager of managers if you like, and there is no limit to type or number of verticals you can connect to.


Ekron brings point solutions that usually focuses on benefits with little attention paid to cyber risks, to work together in one secure platform.


Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of everything that can be monitored

  • Integration of vertical (smart...XYZ)

  • Interoperability point solutions

  • Cyber capabilities

  • Smart user interface


Meet The Team


Yoav Ludmer is the founder and CEO of EKRON and SMBIT. Before SMBIT, Yoav was the founder of Gaia-net, an AI startup, and co-founder of Science Demo, a pioneer in the scientific demonstration market. Yoav brought SMBIT to excel in the Smart City market in Israel


Menachem Loberboum is the CTO of EKRON. Menachem served in technical leadership in several software companies, bank Hapoalim, bank of Israel, and the Israeli government services and information website. Menachem has more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, networking, systems, and DevOps. Menachem is an interdisciplinary ICT prodigy.

אסף ללא רקע.png

COL (ret.) Assaf Navot is the Chief architect of EKRON.

Before EKRON, Assaf performed a variety of positions in the IDF C4I & Cyber Defense Directorate. Assaf served as the Head of Digital Army Program(“ZAYAD”) at the IDF Ground Forces Technology Division, he also established and led the Data Systems Department in the IDF Ground Forces Technology Division. In his last position, Assaf was the Head of the Network Centric Warfare Department at the Ground Forces, Technology Division.  In this position, he led cross-platform, operational & mission-critical Communication, software & Cyber Defense projects.  Assaf brings 25 years of experience in complex engineering projects of cyber defense, systems of systems, and communication. Assaf holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Electrical and Systems Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.


Ori Guez, a Development Manager, brings more than 15 years of experience in software development that are focused on Technological innovation. Ori joined SMBIT after leading the R&D  development of a patent-pending to augmented reality software. Before that, Ori was a Team Leader in Allies Telesis and Extricom, where he held the Software development of a SaaS cloud-based NMS & interactive Wi-Fi simulator.

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